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Meet Dave,  the founder of Reclaimed Central

Hi! My name is Dave Bordenave, the founder of Reclaimed Central, I'd like to welcome you to our website!

Reclaimed Central is a small creative woodworking studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio, where we meticulously hand craft every wood coffee table by hand from locally sourced reclaimed materials. Our love for reclaimed wood is of the "obsessive" variety! Our passion is spreading that appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of the wood through not only making the best quality product, but providing the most professional customer service experience as well!  

You live, & You Learn

I was inspired to create the company after an enlightening experience buying furniture for my own home. I've always felt strongly about doing my best ,in general, to help protect the environment. During a recent remodel of my living room, I decided to put the words into action, and incorporate some recycled elements into the project. I built some wall shelving from barn boards I salvaged at a friends farm, and a nice, thick, mantel from an old railroad tie. The last piece of the puzzle was to find a rustic, reclaimed coffee table to compliment the new modern-country styled theme, and finish off the look and feel of the room.

I began looking online, and around town, with limited success. After tirelessly searching, I finally purchased a table from a well known furniture website. Excited about my pick, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my new table. It appeared in the photos to have a very unique tabletop, made up of individual planks of rough cut wood with old holes, cracks, and a beautiful grain pattern - "perfect!" ..or so I thought.

Soon after, the table arrived at my home in a box with printed model numbers and bar-codes on the side, which raised my suspicions. As I finished unpacking and laying out all of the parts, I quickly realized that all of the components, including the top, where not real wood, but were made entirely of stamped particle board. I wondered, how could they get the fine detail of the saw blade, and the complex grain patterns, to look so realistic? Further, I wondered, at the rather high price of the table, why make it fake in the first place? I hastily re-packed the product and sent it back.

I did some research and found, among many other concerning factors, that millions of tons of wood waste are dumped into land fills every year. This had a big impact on me, and sparked a new found purpose which I immediately felt motivated to act upon. I discovered that there were abundant resources in my local area where I could obtain wood destined for the landfills, and re-purpose it. Ultimately, I realized that if I could build a solid wood, superior quality coffee table, and offer it at the same or less cost of the particle board varieties on the market...that was a win-win for everyone!

 I created a network of local businesses, mills, and other woodworkers, to source the very best reclaimed wood lumber available. I built relationships with preservation companies who are professionals in the careful deconstruction of barns, old houses, and industrial structures.

Now, I spend dozens of hours in the shop perfecting my designs and craft, to create first quality furniture that will last you and your family a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my business!

                                                                               -Dave Bordenave, Founder 



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