Top Three Pieces Of Farmhouse Furniture Header

Farmhouse furniture is stunning, but we also love it because of the feeling it adds to a room. A significant portion of it has a bit of a rustic feel to it, and it almost feels like you’re traveling back to a simpler, more relaxed period of time. There is an unlimited amount of farmhouse furniture online, but we’ve put together a list of our three favorites.

Farmhouse Furniture Made Of Iron

How unique is this?! You can purchase this incredible piece of farmhouse furniture through SnodonIron’s Etsy shop. It was made from an old equipment loading ramp and old machinery pullings. Including a piece like this in your home would really take you back in time, and would be a great addition to any home with farmhouse décor!


Farmhouse Furniture Coffee Table Harvest

No farmhouse is complete without a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood! “Harvest” was handcrafted from reclaimed hardwood ash. This reclaimed coffee table comes in both a driftwood gray color, as well as an antique walnut brown. It is an extremely solid piece of furniture, and you will find that it lasts for years! It fits the farmhouse style perfectly, and will likely become an eye-catching furniture piece in any home.


Farmhouse Toybox Furniture

If you have children, you already know there are thousands of different toy box and toy chest options. If you’re planning to place these in a room other than your child’s bedroom, there’s a high chance that an average, multi-color toy box will not match your home’s décor. This wooden toy chest from PixieDustLouisville will blend in perfectly with your farmhouse furniture!


What are some of your most treasured pieces of farmhouse furniture that you have inside your home? Let us know on Instagram, by taking a photo and tagging it with #RWCTFarmhouse. We’ll take a look and share our favorites across our social media channels!