Distressed Wood Furniture

When you think of distressed furniture, it’s easy to think of things like dressers, chests, kitchen tables, and reclaimed headboards. Some of our favorite types are a little more unique, and may not be exactly what you would think of as “distressed furniture.” We’ve decided to share a few of them with you, and hope that it will give you a little inspiration if you’re looking to redecorate your home with a more distressed vibe!

Tranquility Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables – First and foremost, this is the type of distressed furniture we’re most fond of and passionate about. It’s what we create here at RWCT.com. We’re extremely proud of our work, and are always excited when we come up with a new coffee table design to share with all of you! The coffee table shown here is “Tranquility,” one of our best-selling distressed tables that is made from reclaimed hardwood ash.


Distressed Furniture Blue Metal Chair
Distressed Metal Furniture – You can get all types of furniture in distressed metal, whether that be tables, chairs, or cabinets. We love this type of distressed furniture, because we feel that it really adds an industrial and vintage feel to any room! You will also find that many of these pieces of furniture are incredibly sturdy and durable.




Distressed Kitchen Cabinet FurnitureDistressed Kitchen Cabinetry – Do you know anyone who has distressed kitchen cabinets in their home? We feel like this makes a really unique addition to any kitchen, and helps to create a sort of, country, shabby chic feel to a home. Not to mention, it looks beautiful! We can only imagine that kitchen cabinets like these would make them a focal point in any kitchen.

What are your favorite types of distressed furniture, and which ones have you incorporated into your home? Feel free to check out our boards on Pinterest for more home décor inspiration. We’re adding new pins nearly every day!