How To Reclaim Old Barn Wood

There are several reasons you may want to salvage the old wood from a barn. If the barn is not getting any use, it could be increasing your property taxes by just being on the land. It could also be causing liability issues for you and anyone who visits your property, if it is abandoned and not in good condition. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve put together some information on how to reclaim barn wood.

First, you need to remember to start at the top of the barn. The roof needs to be removed first, as it was likely the last part that was put on during construction. Then, you’ll want to work your way down, removing the smaller pieces before any larger pieces. The next step, is to remove the siding. Doing this will create some natural light inside the barn, and will help you see what you’re doing throughout the remainder of the process.

Once you’ve removed all the pieces and have sorted and separated them, you will need to remove all nails from the wood. Next, be sure to power wash your pieces, so that you can remove any paint, dirt, or mold. The last step, is to apply an insecticide treatment, which will remove any insects that may be living in the wood.

Salvaged barn wood can be used to make reclaimed wood furniture, hardwood floors, paneling, and many other home elements. Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular, and the colors and textures of furniture that is made with it goes well with nearly all types of home décor! Do you have any reclaimed wood pieces inside your home? Let us know in the comments below!