Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Reclaimed Coffee Table

Reclaimed coffee tables are definitely unique pieces of furniture, and are pieces that can add a lot of character to a room. With reclaimed furniture, we embrace things like nail holes, small cracks and splits, and the different wood tones and textures. It is important to preserve these things, and that is why proper maintenance and care is vital. You must be sure that you are using the right tools and the proper techniques, so that you do not damage the reclaimed wood. We’ve covered a few tips below.

  • Be sure to invest in a nice wood cleaner, and one that is suitable for reclaimed wood. You should be looking for one that contains natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and was specifically designed for use on reclaimed wood.
  • Do not place your coffee table in direct sunlight. Sunlight can change the color of the reclaimed wood. If you’re keeping your coffee table indoors, be sure to use curtains to block sunlight from hitting your table. If you’re planning on taking your table outdoors, use a large umbrella or a cover to protect it from the sun.
  • There is virtually no way to completely avoid getting food particles or liquid spills on your table, but when this happens, make sure you remove them immediately. Clean the area thoroughly, in order to prevent staining or cracking. You can remove smaller particles by using a paintbrush or toothbrush.
  • To avoid drying out the wood, try to keep your reclaimed coffee table away from heating vents or fireplaces. During the winter months, if the air is dry, place a cup of water in the room to increase humidity. This will be good for your table, and good for you, as well!
  • Any type of furniture polish spray is not recommended. These products tend to attract dust, and cause a build up of residue on your furniture.

Do you have any tips or tricks to keeping your reclaimed furniture looking it’s best? Have a suggestion for the perfect wood cleaner? Let us know!