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Top Three Pieces Of Farmhouse Furniture

By Brian Jones
on January 24, 2017

Top Three Pieces Of Farmhouse Furniture Header

Farmhouse furniture is stunning, but we also love it because of the feeling it adds to a room. A significant portion of it has a bit of a rustic feel to it, and it almost feels like you’re traveling back to a simpler, more relaxed period of time. There is an unlimited amount of farmhouse furniture online, but we’ve put together a list of our three favorites.

Farmhouse Furniture Made Of Iron

How unique is this?! You can purchase this incredible piece of farmhouse furniture through SnodonIron’s Etsy shop. It was made from an old equipment loading ramp and old machinery pullings. Including a piece like this in your home would really take you back in time, and would be a great addition to any home with farmhouse décor!


Farmhouse Furniture Coffee Table Harvest

No farmhouse is complete without a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood! “Harvest” was handcrafted from reclaimed hardwood ash. This reclaimed coffee table comes in both a driftwood gray color, as well as an antique walnut brown. It is an extremely solid piece of furniture, and you will find that it lasts for years! It fits the farmhouse style perfectly, and will likely become an eye-catching furniture piece in any home.


Farmhouse Toybox Furniture

If you have children, you already know there are thousands of different toy box and toy chest options. If you’re planning to place these in a room other than your child’s bedroom, there’s a high chance that an average, multi-color toy box will not match your home’s décor. This wooden toy chest from PixieDustLouisville will blend in perfectly with your farmhouse furniture!


What are some of your most treasured pieces of farmhouse furniture that you have inside your home? Let us know on Instagram, by taking a photo and tagging it with #RWCTFarmhouse. We’ll take a look and share our favorites across our social media channels!

Our Best-Selling Contemporary Coffee Tables

By Brian Jones
on January 17, 2017

Coffee Mug On Contemporary Coffee Table

We have several different coffee table designs here at Some are a little more rustic, others have an industrial style to them, and we also have some that are on the contemporary side. The contemporary home décor style is incredibly popular, so today, we’re going to highlight a few of our best-selling contemporary tables.

Edge Contemporary Coffee Table With X Legs

Edge – This coffee table is arguably our most contemporary piece. It has X shaped legs made from raw steel, and is handcrafted from reclaimed ash wood. The color is an antique walnut brown. Even from the photo, you can see how this coffee table would add a simplistic feel to your living room.

Zen Contemporary Coffee Table With Square Wooden Legs

ZenHere is another one of our contemporary coffee tables. The solid, hardwood square legs also help to create a rustic feel, which is a great mix with the contemporary style! The photo shows this piece of furniture in driftwood gray, but it also comes in antique walnut brown. This is an incredibly sturdy and durable table, and you will likely find that it becomes the center of attention in the room you place it in.

Tranquility Antique Walnut Contemporary Table

Tranquility – This contemporary coffee table also comes in antique walnut brown and driftwood gray. Like most of our coffee table designs, this one was also built from reclaimed hardwood ash. Not only will it add a contemporary feel to your space, but with it being made from reclaimed wood, it will also add a weathered vibe to your décor! This is a table that will last for many generations to come.

Which of these coffee tables is more your style? Or do you prefer one that is a little more rustic or industrial? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We would be more than happy to provide you with a guide to other coffee table styles, if that is something you’re interested in.

Our Favorite Types Of Distressed Furniture

By Brian Jones
on January 10, 2017

Distressed Wood Furniture

When you think of distressed furniture, it’s easy to think of things like dressers, chests, kitchen tables, and reclaimed headboards. Some of our favorite types are a little more unique, and may not be exactly what you would think of as “distressed furniture.” We’ve decided to share a few of them with you, and hope that it will give you a little inspiration if you’re looking to redecorate your home with a more distressed vibe!

Tranquility Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables – First and foremost, this is the type of distressed furniture we’re most fond of and passionate about. It’s what we create here at We’re extremely proud of our work, and are always excited when we come up with a new coffee table design to share with all of you! The coffee table shown here is “Tranquility,” one of our best-selling distressed tables that is made from reclaimed hardwood ash.


Distressed Furniture Blue Metal Chair
Distressed Metal Furniture – You can get all types of furniture in distressed metal, whether that be tables, chairs, or cabinets. We love this type of distressed furniture, because we feel that it really adds an industrial and vintage feel to any room! You will also find that many of these pieces of furniture are incredibly sturdy and durable.




Distressed Kitchen Cabinet FurnitureDistressed Kitchen Cabinetry – Do you know anyone who has distressed kitchen cabinets in their home? We feel like this makes a really unique addition to any kitchen, and helps to create a sort of, country, shabby chic feel to a home. Not to mention, it looks beautiful! We can only imagine that kitchen cabinets like these would make them a focal point in any kitchen.

What are your favorite types of distressed furniture, and which ones have you incorporated into your home? Feel free to check out our boards on Pinterest for more home décor inspiration. We’re adding new pins nearly every day!

Where To Place Your Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

By Brian Jones
on January 04, 2017

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Placed In Front Of Sofa

Achieving the perfect placement of your reclaimed wood coffee table may not be something you think much about, but if it is, we’ve done our research on the ideal place to put it in relation to your sofa! These are just general guidelines, but following them usually provides maximum comfort and functionality when placing a reclaimed coffee table in front of a sofa.

Most people find that the ideal space between a coffee table and sofa is 16 to 18 inches. This distance will not only provide enough leg room for those relaxing on the sofa, but will also still keep your wood coffee table close enough to reach and be functional. With this distance, you’ll still be able to grab remote controls, beverages, or snacks that you’ve placed on your coffee table. If you keep this much space around all sides of your reclaimed table, it will create a comfortable seating arrangement for you and all of your guests.

As we mentioned before, these are just general guidelines. If your coffee table and sofa have a big difference in height, this could change things. Typically, the seat of your sofa and top of your coffee table should be within four inches of each other. If the height is more or less, it could lead to this seating arrangement feeling a bit uncomfortable. Additionally, if you have small children and your reclaimed coffee table is shorter than the sofa, it may be easier for children to reach the table if it is pulled an inch or two closer.

If you’re interested, give this a try and let us know if this makes things more or less comfortable for you! This is only applicable if you’ve chosen to keep your reclaimed wood coffee table in front of your couch. It you’ve chosen to place it elsewhere, we’d love to know where! Reach out to us on Facebook, and let us see your photos, if you have any.

Benefits Of Having a Barnwood Coffee Table

By Brian Jones
on December 27, 2016

Benefits Of Having a Barnwood Coffee Table

Here at, we get a large portion of our lumber from the farmlands and urban areas of southwest Ohio. Some of it comes to us from local businesses who create wood waste, and the rest of it comes from the deconstruction of barns and other structures. There are a number of benefits to having a coffee table made from barnwood, and we will go over a few of the biggest ones.

Many of the benefits, and the most commonly known benefits, are environmental. When using reclaimed barnwood, we are keeping old lumber out of landfills and preserving our forests by preventing virgin lumber from being harvested. We are doing our part to help protect the environment, and bringing life back into the barnwood. We are extremely passionate about using it to create a piece of furniture that is both unique and beautiful.

As far as design goes, there are benefits there, as well. With a coffee table made from reclaimed barnwood, you are ensuring that you have a piece of furniture that is one-of-a-kind and deeply textured, with distinguished wear marks and nail holes. The wood will have more of a rustic and rugged feeling to it, which gives it a backstory and a personality. The weathering and environmental distressing that you see, is something that adds character and keeps the barnwood connected to it’s past.

Lastly, one of the greatest advantages of barnwood furniture, is that these pieces are incredibly durable. Since the wood has already been exposed to the elements and has fully dried out, you don’t have to worry so much about warping or shrinkage. It has already aged, and therefore, you should know what to expect from it in the years to come.

We hope that you enjoy your barnwood coffee table, and find it both aesthetically pleasing and durable! What are some of the biggest advantages you’ve found to having a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood?

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Reclaimed Coffee Table

By Brian Jones
on December 20, 2016

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Reclaimed Coffee Table

Reclaimed coffee tables are definitely unique pieces of furniture, and are pieces that can add a lot of character to a room. With reclaimed furniture, we embrace things like nail holes, small cracks and splits, and the different wood tones and textures. It is important to preserve these things, and that is why proper maintenance and care is vital. You must be sure that you are using the right tools and the proper techniques, so that you do not damage the reclaimed wood. We’ve covered a few tips below.

  • Be sure to invest in a nice wood cleaner, and one that is suitable for reclaimed wood. You should be looking for one that contains natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and was specifically designed for use on reclaimed wood.
  • Do not place your coffee table in direct sunlight. Sunlight can change the color of the reclaimed wood. If you’re keeping your coffee table indoors, be sure to use curtains to block sunlight from hitting your table. If you’re planning on taking your table outdoors, use a large umbrella or a cover to protect it from the sun.
  • There is virtually no way to completely avoid getting food particles or liquid spills on your table, but when this happens, make sure you remove them immediately. Clean the area thoroughly, in order to prevent staining or cracking. You can remove smaller particles by using a paintbrush or toothbrush.
  • To avoid drying out the wood, try to keep your reclaimed coffee table away from heating vents or fireplaces. During the winter months, if the air is dry, place a cup of water in the room to increase humidity. This will be good for your table, and good for you, as well!
  • Any type of furniture polish spray is not recommended. These products tend to attract dust, and cause a build up of residue on your furniture.

Do you have any tips or tricks to keeping your reclaimed furniture looking it’s best? Have a suggestion for the perfect wood cleaner? Let us know!

Three DIY Projects To Make Your Home Decor More Rustic

By Brian Jones
on December 13, 2016

Three DIY Projects To Make Your Home Decor More Rustic

The rustic style of home decor is becoming more and more popular, but if you’re not able to find rustic items at your local decor and furniture shops, it could be hard to style your home that way. There are options, though, such as these DIY projects I’ve found below. Hopefully, they will help to fulfill your design needs!

Crocheted Rug For Rustic Decor
If you’re into crocheting, this rope rug was made by a blogger named Esther on All you will need for this project is rope, a crochet hook, and the pattern, which can be found on her site. She says that it takes roughly eight hours to make, which isn’t much time at all, considering the different it will make in your space!

Reclaimed Wood Picture FrameTurning an old door into a picture frame will definitely create more of a rustic feel to your home! Photogmommie lists step-by-step instructions on how to do this on her blog. This would make your room look especially rustic if you already have a reclaimed wood table in your home. We would suggest our Gray Zen Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table as a nice pairing for a picture frame like this!

Rustic Wood Lanterns

It doesn’t get much more rustic than these mason jar wall lanterns on A Southern Fairy Tale’s blog! The lanterns add a farm and country touch to the room, while also providing a flicker of light (if you choose to go that route). To top it all off, she uses destressed wood, which again would match nicely with one of our reclaimed wood coffee tables! Particularly, our “Harvest” distressed coffee table.

What types of items do you use to give your home a more rustic feeling? Have you made any of them yourself, or do you prefer store-bought items? Let us know in the comments below! Or if you have any other fun, DIY projects, feel free to share those, as well!


How To Mix A Rustic Wood Coffee Table With Your Home’s Décor

By Brian Jones
on December 06, 2016

How To Mix A Rustic Wood Coffee Table With Your Home’s Décor

We’ve all heard the phrase “opposites attract,” but did you know that you can also apply that philosophy to your home’s interior décor? Mixing different furniture styles, patterns, and colors is now considered trendy and chic. It can be hard to master, though, so we’ve put together a few helpful tips.   

  • Take advantage of pieces that you already own and love. For example, if you have a dark wood coffee table, you could lighten up the room and make it a little more modern by adding throw rugs, a modern mirror, or decorative pillows. You could also add a pop of color with curtains, or by painting an accent wall.

Modern Pillows For Rustic Coffee Table

  • If you have a matching wooden dining table and chairs set that has a bit of a rustic feel to it, you could liven it up and add more character to your space by covering the chairs with a fun and interesting fabric. Add in a modern light fixture and clean, white walls, and you’ve just created the perfect blend of traditional and modern décor.

Rustic Wood Chair With Fabric Covering

  • Focus on a common material, such as silver accents, and use that to tie the room together. Collect accessories, picture frames, metal wall art, and other furniture that has silver or chrome accents, and use them to contrast against your rustic wood table.

Mirror To Decorate Rustic Coffee Table

Mixing different décor styles can help to make the space feel unique and more like your own. By doing this, you may even find that you like pieces of your furniture more than you had originally thought! Which styles of décor are your favorites, and which ones do you mix throughout your home? If you’ve done this already, we would love to see photos, so feel free to share them on our Facebook page!

How To Reclaim Old Barn Wood

By Brian Jones
on November 22, 2016

How To Reclaim Old Barn Wood

There are several reasons you may want to salvage the old wood from a barn. If the barn is not getting any use, it could be increasing your property taxes by just being on the land. It could also be causing liability issues for you and anyone who visits your property, if it is abandoned and not in good condition. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve put together some information on how to reclaim barn wood.

First, you need to remember to start at the top of the barn. The roof needs to be removed first, as it was likely the last part that was put on during construction. Then, you’ll want to work your way down, removing the smaller pieces before any larger pieces. The next step, is to remove the siding. Doing this will create some natural light inside the barn, and will help you see what you’re doing throughout the remainder of the process.

Once you’ve removed all the pieces and have sorted and separated them, you will need to remove all nails from the wood. Next, be sure to power wash your pieces, so that you can remove any paint, dirt, or mold. The last step, is to apply an insecticide treatment, which will remove any insects that may be living in the wood.

Salvaged barn wood can be used to make reclaimed wood furniture, hardwood floors, paneling, and many other home elements. Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular, and the colors and textures of furniture that is made with it goes well with nearly all types of home décor! Do you have any reclaimed wood pieces inside your home? Let us know in the comments below!

Three Ways To Style Your Handcrafted Coffee Table

By Brian Jones
on November 20, 2016

Three Ways To Style Your Handcrafted Coffee Table

Styling furniture made from reclaimed wood can be difficult, as it is with all furniture, but I’ve put together a few of my favorite looks. If you’re planning to go with a more modern/rustic theme to your décor, these should be perfect for you! I find that the way you style a room can really help to add to the overall atmosphere of the space, which is why that I feel it’s so important to incorporate pieces that go with the theme of the room.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Accessory With FlowersThese painted mason jars filled with hydrangeas would look incredible on your repurposed coffee table! Plus, they help to create a more rustic, farmhouse feeling when you step into the area. If you’re crafty, you could choose to make these on your own. Otherwise, they sell this item and other similar items on Etsy!

Fluffy Gray And White Rug To Accessorize Farmstyle Coffee TableIf you’re looking to keep your space a little more modern, soften up the room by placing a fluffy rug under your handcrafted coffee table! If you’re sticking with a neutral theme, you could add a rug in white, crème, or gray hues. However, it could always be fun to spice the room up with a pop of color, as well!

Leaves And Corn Seasonal Decoration For Coffee TableFor something a little more seasonal or festive, this Thanksgiving themed centerpiece would be a great addition to your farm style coffee table. To make it, all you need are hurricane vases, 2+ bags of corn kernels, candles, artificial fall leaves, and the twine or ribbon of your choice! You could even save the vases, swap out the leaves and corn kernels, and replace them with other accessories during winter, spring, and summer!

You can find a lot of design ideas just by visiting our Pinterest account. How do you style your reclaimed wood coffee table? Do you go for a more modern or rustic look? Let me know in the comments below!

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